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Subsea facilities and pipelines

Scale Squeeze Tree Cap

01.09.2017 - Subsea Smart Solutions AS

Category: Subsea facilities and pipelines
Subcategory: Manifolds, template and x-mas trees
Type: Product

New Cost efficient Subsea Solutions for Well Stimulations. Patented by Subsea Smart Solutions.
We have three different packages and this is one of them.
- Scale Squeeze Tree Cap for vertical XT`s. Eliminates the need for XT Handling Cap, XT Running Tool, Tree Cap running and retrieval Tool.
The XT will have an easy access Connection (2 - 7) for Well Stimulation with access directly into Tubing to maximise the result with maximum turbulent flow. The Barrier elements is PSV + FSC valve in the Cap. During the Stimulation the Top Connection has surface controlled EQD, PSD, ESD function according to NORSOK and ISO Standard and the operation can be performed from DP Class 2 and up.
During EQD there will be no spill, and the Well will be shut in with two Barriers in place.

Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 4: Technology qualified for first use Full-scale prototype built and technology qualified through testing in intended environment, simulated or actual. The new hardware is now ready for first use


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Offshore installation and maritime operations

Subsea fiber cable communications

08.09.2017 - Tampnet AS

Category: Offshore installation and maritime operations
Subcategory: Topside, subsea and offloading installation and towing services
Type: Service

Tampnet operates the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world and serves more than 240 Oil and Gas platforms, Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs) and exploration rigs in regions including the GoM, as well as on the Danish, Norwegian and the UK continental shelves of the North Sea.
For the Barents Tampnet can design, install and operate a communications infrastructure to the existing and planned oil platforms. In addition Tampnet can implement this across the oil companies and create a shared infrastructure that will be much more cost effective than stand alone solutions.

Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL -1: Not applicable.