ENERGY Dexcoat™ - flooring system

09.11.2018 - KAEFER Energy

Category: Offshore installation and maritime operations
Subcategory: Other
Type: Product
Found in challenges: Weather conditions, darkness and visibility, Installation integrity, Weather conditions, darkness and visibility, Installation integrity

ENERGY Dexcoat™ is a flooring system with high compression strength and elasticity for heavy loads and harsh environments. Steel constructions exposed for harsh environment and constant movements may cause fractures and cracks in traditional flooring materials. The ENERGY Dexcoat™ is designed with high elasticity to ensure that it does not crack. When used in arctic conditions, heating cables can be integrated in the floor to keep the surface free of ice.

ENERGY Dexcoat™ has flexibility to match the steel flexibility, designed with lower density to save weight and can be installed up to a thickness of 90 mm in one coat. It is suitable as foundation for any kind of surface finish. For wet/dry rooms and de-icing.

Technology readiness level (TRL)
According to API RP 17N

TRL 7: Proven technology integrated into intended operating system. The technology has successfully operated with acceptable performance and reliability within the predefined criteria


ENERGY Dexcoat™

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